Cum Dumpster

Twenty-One! Bisexual! Single but horny! Just using this blog to relieve the tension! I have a Snapchat, I don't go on it a lot (*Cumdumpster412*) PLEASE SUBMIT! I WANNA SEE YOU (*BOYS&GIRLS*) 18+ and NSFW!! Enjoy touching yourself ;)

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jmad86 asked: Horny 28/m im thinking from the same area as urself judging by the 412. Not looking to hook up unless ur into that just stopping by to say ur blog is hot af and turns me on something fierce. Thanks for the good time. Ill chk u out on sc if u dnt mind


412 is my birthday! I’m sorry



FYI I like my nipples slapped and clit pinched. 



My teeth always manage to look like I have a gap.

(via thethickdick)

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